Why should you eat hemp?

Here at HempNatura™ we believe in SALUD Y VIDA (Health and Life).
Our Smart|Seeds™ Hemp seeds Omega 3-6 balance make them an unmatched Superfood. A Complete Plant-based Protein with Cognizin™, that is loaded with essential amino acids, and are jam packed with a wide array of vitamins and minerals, Smart|Seeds™ are unbeatable.
We don’t process our Smart|Seeds™ with chemicals or apply nutrient-destroying heat; and we source our seeds from top farmers in the Sustainable Farming industry. That’s how our product stays fresh and nutritious, from our farmers to you.

Our Smart|Seeds™ and Cognizin



means Health and Life. we can’t have one without the other and it is a known fact that healthy folks are happy folks. No matter where you are in your health journey, our products will help you feel healthy from the inside out. a toast! to salud y vida.